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Creative consultancy, learning and development...

for a change.

Yara Journeys programmes and interventions aren't just about learning and development. They're about curiosity, discovery and growth for individuals and for businesses.

If you’ve been on so many training courses they’re all starting to look and sound the same, then come with us on a Yara Journey that will change the way you think about learning at work.


Starting with  a robust consultancy process to clarify your objectives, our programmes take you away from the workplace – literally and figuratively – to explore your business (and ultimately yourselves) from a unique and different perspective.


Whether you’re on our flagship 'Navigator' programme, venturing through the 'Secret Door' or attending one of our other programmes or commissioning a ‘Yara Original’ programme that we’ve designed specially for you, prepare to be challenged, surprised....and taken on the business journey of you life.