So your business is ready to take flight, and it’s you in the captain’s seat, taking the whole thing onwards and upwards.

You’ll know by now that the tenacity, skills and hard work that got you to this point won’t be enough to take you forward on their own: growing a business means leading a larger business than the one you have now, so inevitably new skills and practices will be needed.

You know what some of them are, but not all.

This is where we can help, through Leadership Coaching and through Our Scaling with Leadership programme

Combining coaching with online training and guidance, our Scaling With Leadership programme takes you through a series of proven steps to ensure that you and your team have everything you need in place to scale sustainably and to take your business to the next level – whatever that is for you.

The outcomes include:

  • Greater security and confidence in your own leadership skills, and those of your senior team

  • Improved clarity an understanding within your team around your vision, mission and strategy, and the clients you serve

  • A more productive, motivated and results-driven team, thanks to strong management skills and clear goals

  • Efficient processes that people actually follow and care about improving

  • A strong culture which attracts talent and supports your business growth

In short, all of the foundation blocks that must be in place for your business to really fly, and all of the safety checks and vital preparation that you and your crew have to make before you take off...

“Annabelle truly understands leadership development and is a great coach.

In just a matter of an hour she helped me solve something I’ve been working on for two months.

If you’re looking for someone who understands what it takes to grow a team in both large and small organizations, I highly recommend you work with her: she has made an incredible impact on my team and I”

Gabe Arnold

Founder of Business Marketing Engine

“Yara Journeys’ ‘Navigator’ strategy map was an incredible tool which my company used at exactly the right time.

Poised to expand, my team was nervous of change. They were also worried about communicating their feelings; fearful of appearing to be out of step with the general mood of expansion.
Our time working with ‘Navigator’ enabled each team member o communicate their fears and address their concerns without the discussion ever feeling ‘personal’.

Our aim using ‘Navigator’ was to focus on the path ahead. It actually gave us much more than that. Using the map helped us realise how far we had come as a team.

It was unexpectedly uniting; we spent time discussing where we were and how we had got there, and this gave us the springboard to plan our year ahead. During the session every member of the team contributed and every member gained valuable insights into others’ thinking.

Time and time again we have used the terms from the map to describe where we feel we are – I cannot recommend Yara’s approach highly enough”

Joanne Robinson

CEO and Founder of The Little Art School, and award-winning entrepreneur