In large companies building leadership capability at all organisational levels is an ongoing event... and it’s a fine balance between  taking time out to build skills and ensuring that ‘business as usual’ continues.

Our team has extensive experience  in the design and delivery of global leadership programmes, between us  working for companies like Avon Cosmetics, Woodward, Formica, Standard Life, HSBC... and many many more.

Your leadership development programme will be:

  • Underpinned by the latest research in leadership thinking, and both online and offline delivery methods.

  • Aligned with your strategy and competency framework

  • Focused on practical, behavioural and critical thinking skills

  • Delivered in a style relevant to your organisation (online, face to face or a combination)

  • Include training your in-house team to deliver, if required

  • Effective in delivering your learning objectives

More than anything, we know that if leaders aren’t secure and confident in their own abilities, they will operate from a place of emotion and self protection. If they ARE confident ....and capable... they can become the heroes of your business.

"Annabelle has delivered management skills training to the Saudi Management Team. Once this training was completed, both I and the team realised what a step forward it had been. As HR Manager, I can comfortably state that Anna is one of the best facilitators I’ve worked with. I strongly recommend her services: she made a clear impact, which has reflected on to the Company growth." 

Ahmed Hassan

HR Manager, Avon Beauty Arabia – Saudi Arabia

“I’m so proud of the work that the team has invested in this training. I am confident that it would not have happened without your leadership and ability to make this a very positive experience... heck, even fun! It’s great to see the concepts and hard work yielding results in behaviour and actions. Thanks to both of you for all you have done to help us on our journey!

Mike Berg

Vice President North America Sales - Formica