Purpose, Direction and Clarity

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past few months, you’ll recognise that, we are going through time of profound – of disruptive – change, in all sorts of contexts and for all sorts of reasons. And let’s face it, during times of change we have a natural inclination, initially at least, to panic as we go through natural fight-or-flight responses to what’s going on around us. For those involved in business of almost any sort it can feel as though we’re entirely at the mercy of forces beyond our control – ships tossed on stormy seas to … Read more

Five factors that cause entrepreneurs to struggle as business leaders

The journey from solo-preneur to business leader or CEO isn’t always an easy one. That new team who were going to build the business and take it into the stratosphere comes along with a range of unexpected challenges that can leave the entrepreneur wondering what on earth is going on, and whether deep down they are actually up to the task of leading and growing a successful business. What served an entrepreneur well initially might well turn into a stumbling block as they grow their businesses and take on staff, especially in the early days. Here are 5 trip hazards … Read more

Entrepreneurs beware – whose agenda are you following?

I’ve spoken to several people in the past who have strong reason to be disenchanted with the approach of certain agencies and organisations towards entrepreneurs. Their stories have made me angry. If you don’t want to find yourself among those who have sacrificed relationships or homes on the alter of someone else’s agenda, please please bear the following in mind. 1) An economic development agency or organisation’s agenda isn’t necessarily an entrepreneur’s agenda. They’re judged on employment figures and on financials. So you might find yourself encouraged to take on staff too early or to take out loans to fund … Read more

Your business is an ecosystem – everything connects to everything else

Your business isn’t a machine – it’s an ecosystem. Everything connects to everything else, directly or indirectly. Not actively recognising this causes many businesses to fall prey to inefficiencies, to silos…and to leaving significant amounts of money on the table. Everyone’s connected A few years ago I was running a workshop with a large corporate and, in order to visualise where each person in the room sat in relation to everyone else, I carried out a simple exercise. Everyone wrote their names on the wall (one with one of those washable surfaces, obviously – I’m not one to encourage vandalism)  They … Read more

3 things to ensure your business processes are working for you…

Processes are never ‘set-it-and forget it’. It takes people to design them follow them and improve them. I’d go so far as to say that if you have motivated people and no clear process, they will find a way. If you have a clear process, but unmotivated people… they won’t follow the process properly, and it will fail. Recognising the people side of process is crucial. Here are three things that will help ensure that they work as efficiently as you and your business need them to: 1)When I was student, they built a new block to the halls of … Read more