Scaling With Leadership

Scaling with Leadership programme follows our 5 Ps Framework to help you build a strong foundation for business growth.

Over the course of 12 weeks, you’ll build both personal and practical leadership, management and business skills, working through online content and with scheduled calls with your programme coach.

Module 1: Personal

  • Get clear on your life goals, and how your business will deliver these

  • Overcome impostor syndrome and build CEO confidence

  • Develop your leadership thinking and practical skills

  • Build your leadership legacy

Module 2: Purpose

  • Clarify your business values, direction and strategy

  • Refine your strategy and actionable plans to take your forward

  • Communicate these so that your team gets them, buys in, and takes action

Module 3: People

  • Structure your current and future team to deliver your strategy

  • Build your leadership team

  • Manage and maintain a productive and motivated workforce

Module 4: Process

  • Audit your processes and systems ensuring that they are fit for purpose, and that they support your people in the delivery of your strategic goals

  • Make sure your team ‘owns’ , follows and improves your processes as you grow

Module 5: Paradigms

  • Build a positive, productive and profitable culture that will underpin all you do